Cowboys for Heroes

Cowboys for Heroes
 06/16/2017 01:55 PM

Cowboys for Heroes exists to serve and support soldiers as they transition from military service and return to civilian life.

Jerry celebrates this transition for these soldier by providing them with his chuck wagon style cooking using his gourmet seasoning! He enjoys this event with many friends, laughs, and smiles. Cowboys for Heroes gives a wonderful opportunity at Fort Sam Houston to gather together to serve our soldiers and show them they are appreciated. It also provides community and fellowship every year with Jerry’s many friends. Memorable experiences include cooking with Marcus Reed and having many friends visiting in the tent such as seen in the pictures!

Cooking with Marcus Reed

Marcus Reed, Roger Edison, Paul Andres, Kevin Smith, Wayne Calk, Erik Briseno, Tammy Reed, Darci Hague, and many others enjoying fellowship in serving Cowboys for Heroes

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