Chuck-Wagon Story

Chuck-Wagon Story
Texans might know that the mockingbird is the official state bird of Texas or that the bluebonnet is the official state flower, but some might not be aware that the chuck wagon, an old-style wooden wagon equipped with a cook stove and provisions traditionally used by cowboys, was named the official vehicle of the Lone Star State. [Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 8.] That’s good news for Jerry Baird who has been cooking “Chuck-wagon Style” and developing his spice line for over 30 years here in Texas.

In 2005, in an event to let Texans know that the Chuck Wagon had become the Official Vehicle of Texas, Jerry and his friends were invited to circle their wagons at the Capitol and feed the State Senate and Governor of Texas.

The Academy of Western Artists was formed to recognize and honor outstanding individuals who, through their accomplishments, preserve and perpetuate the traditions, values and heritage of the American Cowboy. There are several categories for which honors are given, including “those who continue the time-honored arts of campfire and chuckwagon cookery”. Jerry Baird was given recognition and encouragement by the Academy in 2005, thereby receiving the Will Rogers Western Artist award for the second time, for bringing the cowboy movement into the 21st century through his contemporary work and by carrying on the traditions of those who preceded him in the use of the chuckwagon.

Jerry Baird and his gourmet seasonings were featured multiple times on the Texas Country Reporter, a very popular show that airs each weekend throughout Texas. Our seasonings are also being sold on their web-site at Annually, we are honored to be able to participate at their annual festival in Waxahachie.

In addition to the honors and championships that he has won, Jerry is also very proud of being selected for cooking during the 1996 Cattle Drive from Texas to Montana, and for the Executive Committee of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Ga.

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