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No MSG Creole Seasoning Mix (4 oz)

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↠↠Best Creole Seasoning Mix↠↠

Jerry Baird’s No MSG Creole Gourmet Seasoning is the perfect spicy for your shrimp creole seasoning, crab boil seasoning, or chicken creole. You want spicy, you got it with Jerry’s best creole seasoning! Fresh taste, no msg, spicy, and low sodium! This seasoning takes the word, creole, to another level.

↠↠Suggested Uses↠↠

Our recommended uses for the creole seasoning mix is for chili, spaghetti, meatloaf, eggs, chicken creole, crawfish, fish, grits, vegetables, stews, french fries, shrimp creole, or crab boil seasoning. You can also mix it with chicken broth and use it to inject your turkey.

Like all of our seasonings, our creole seasoning is low sodium, so add additional salt to suit your individual taste. We provide the spicy, bold flavor for all of your favorite dishes.


Creole Seasoning Mix (4 oz). 


See Our Larger Size (13 oz).


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