Champion BBQ Rib & Brisket Rub

Rib and Brisket Rub (13 oz)

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↠↠Texas BBQ Rib & Brisket Rub↠↠

Jerry Baird’s Champion beef brisket dry rub makes amazing baby back BBQ rib rub seasoning, BBQ chicken rub, or the best brisket dry rub! Fresh taste, no msg, and low sodium, quite a combination! I like to use it on brisket, chicken, pork, as a great rub for ribs, or anything I BBQ. Many times I will rub it on a brisket along with my Jerry’s All Purpose Seasoning.

I have won many brisket cook-offs by using the combination of the Brisket Rub and Jerry’s All Purpose Seasoning, and also adding a little of the Jalapeno Sizzling Salt.


Rib and Brisket Rub Seasoning Mix (13 oz). 


See Our Smaller Size (4 oz).



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