Our Roots

Our Roots

Jerry Baird was featured on a very popular TV show called the Texas Country Reporter in 2006 and 2007. Jerry was cooking from his chuck wagon for some ol’ greasy belly cowboys at a ranch in West Texas, and Bob Phillips did a terrific job of featuring Jerry Baird in his true glory.


Surely, most folks have heard of Will Rogers. Annually, there is a get together in Ft. Worth called the Will Rogers Academy of Western Artists that was formed to recognize and honor outstanding individuals who, through their accomplishments, preserve and perpetuate the traditions, values and heritage of the American Cowboy.

There are several categories for which honors are given, including “those who continue the time-honored arts of campfire and chuck wagon cookery." Jerry Baird was given recognition and encouragement by the Academy in 2005, thereby receiving the Will Rogers Western Artist award for the second time, for bringing the cowboy movement into the 21st century through his contemporary work and by carrying on the traditions of those who preceded him in the use of the chuck wagon.


We’ve made more than a few references to Jerry’s Chuck Wagon. Did you know: thanks in large part to the efforts of Jerry Baird, the chuck wagon, an old-style wooden wagon equipped with a cook stove and provisions traditionally used by cowboys, was named the official vehicle of Texas?
In appreciation of this great event, Jerry Baird and his friends circled their wagons and entertained the State Senate and Governor of Texas with some wonderful chuck wagon food seasoned with Jerry Baird’s Gourmet Spices.


Over the years, Jerry Baird has won more championships than most folks even participate in. From the Cabrito World Championship in 1976 to the Doral Championship in 2006, Jerry Baird has out performed some of the best. Here are just a few other championships that Jerry Baird has won:

•   the “Superbowl” championship in 1988,
•   the National Chuck Wagon Championship in 1996,
• the American Western Artist Superbowl Chuck wagon
  Challenge in 2004, and many, many others.

One might wonder, what is Jerry’s secret? Why has a retired college professor and rancher been so successful in entertaining tens of thousands of folks with some of the best “gourmet” food that they have ever eaten?


The truthful answer is Jerry’s “secret” is his All Purpose Seasoning which can be used on barbecue, ribs, briskets, fish, chicken, popcorn, Bloody Mary’s, and whatever.

In fact, “You can put it on anything that ain’t movin’!”TM There have been a lot of attempts to duplicate Jerry’s All Purpose Seasoning, but there just is no other like Jerry’s. And, that is why so many other chuck wagon cooks also use this product. All of a sudden, they also become gourmet cooks, and they also can feed food gourmets with confidence. And, they also win championships.

Note: our No MSG Seasoning version of the award-winning All Purpose Seasoning is now available!

Nowadays, Tex Mex has become very popular. Tex-Mex is a term for a type of American food which is used primarily in Texas and the Southwestern United States to describe a regional cuisine which blends food products available in the United States and the culinary creations of Mexican-Americans that are influenced by the cuisines of Mexico.

A given Tex-Mex food may or may not be similar to Mexican cuisine, although it is common for all of these foods to be referred to as “Mexican food” in Texas, the United States and in some other countries.

In many parts of the country outside of Texas this term is synonymous with Southwestern cuisine. Our Fajita Seasoning, Butter Flavored Lemon Pepper with Chipotle, Chuckwagon Chili Mix, Jalapeno Sizzling Salt, Creole Seasoning, and even our Rib & Brisket Rub make the cooking of Tex-Mex food so much easier. Shucks, even Cajuns love Jerry’s seasonings.

By popular demand, we have provided this “gourmet food store”, better known as website, so that anyone, anywhere, can use our seasonings. Each seasoning can be bought individually, or by the case. We also offer a wonderful gift box & seasoning six pack. Food gifts are usually very popular gift ideas, and you just can’t go wrong in giving some of Jerry Bairds seasonings to your friends and relatives.