Key to win the heart, is the food.... key to the food is the flavor.... key to the flavor is the quality seasonings that benfit health and enhance the robust flavors you crave in a healthy meal recipe! Seasoning blends and spices can make an easy healthy recipe and improve satisfaction up to 28%! No wonder the global market grows at a compounded rate of 6.3% a year!

Safer with Antimicrobial properties


Spices can inhibit bacterial species up to 75% with their Antimicrobial properties, which help your foods stay safer and preserved longer! That packs quite the punch! Not only do you receive higher quality flavor, but also longer lasting and healthier meals. Each of our expertly proven seasoning blends offers high quality spices that achieve your meals' greatest potential!

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Higher Satisfaction Rates


Wanting to make sure everyone enjoys the meal at its full potential? Satisfaction rates in food flavor increase up to 28% when using seasonings! Mastering the ability to enhance and enrich food flavor with the right combination is not easy. It is very time consuming to figure the right spices and the right measurements to find the right balance. This is the very reason that makes seasoning blends so great! It's our goal to make wonderful flavors a dream come true for you by providing World Champion proven seasoning blends in your capable and creative hands.

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Global Seasoning Market Accelerates!


Is your food service in the competition for growth? Each year, the projected growth of the global seasoning and spices market is 6.3% compounded annually! This is largely due to the desire for robust flavor within the household and institutional meals, and the many added health benefits included. How is your business maximizing the opportunity for the growing market for seasonings in your service?

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