↠↠Buttery Lemon Pepper w/ Chipotle Seasoning↠↠ Yes, it's true! We created a buttery garlic lemon pepper blend with a hint of chipotle seasoning, and YES it makes a mean combination! This is a top performer for enhancing the most spectacular fresh flavor!

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↠↠Butter Flavored Lemon Pepper w/ Chipotle Seasoning↠↠

Garlic Lemon Pepper Gourmet Seasoning Mix makes a mean lemon pepper chicken or use as vegetable seasoning. The butter flavored lemon pepper gives an amazing fresh taste and is low sodium... quite a combination! It is delicious on chicken, pork chops, or mixed into a green salad. Best lemon pepper that will make you want to lick your lips and grab some more!

↠↠Suggested Uses↠↠

  • It is wonderful on vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, or any green veggies. 
  • Also is really something on smoked salmon, baked or grilled fish, chicken, marinades, tilapia, shrimp, pork chops, and much more.

It just can’t get much better than our hot lemon pepper with butter and chipotle! Not real hot, but just right hot!


Lemon Pepper with Chipotle Seasoning Mix (5 oz). 

or Our Larger Size (13 oz).

B2B: Easy to get it in bulk seasoning wholesale! Just email or call for one of our sales representatives to contact you for your bulk seasoning deal!



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