Jerry Baird has mastered many arts, and being a good friend is one of them. Thankfully, I am one of many who get to call Jerry Baird, my friend. My connection with him goes back to his friendship with my granddad.  Jerry’s unique, endearing personality made a lasting impression on me from our first acquaintance.He’s a downright character ta’ boot, with a big chewed cigar in his mouth, both pant-legs tucked into his boots, wearing that branded cowboy hat. It doesn’t take long to figure out he is the best chuck-wagon cook you’ve ever met and that he holds the best seasoning your taste buds will ever meet.Anyone who knows Jerry would say he is a champion at finding the good in people and situations. He is a tough cowboy whose wit and wisdom have taught me a great deal. I am proud to say that I love Jerry Baird, and his world-champion seasonings, too.Happy Trails, Partner! I’ll see you when I see you!Until we meet again,Charlie

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