Taco Seasoning for Chicken

Best Low-Sodium Taco Seasoning for Chicken?

Needing an easy taco seasoning DIY that's better and healthier than store bought???

To make a great taco seasoning recipe for chicken... only takes 2 min to prep your chicken with taco seasoning, easy recipe for a turnaround gourmet delicious difference! Simply use all-purpose and buttery lemon pepper to create you chicken taco seasoning "homemade" recipe. Flavors that you want to enhance with your taco seasoning spices recipe are the unforgettable tender moist buttery flavor accentuated with a hint of lemon pepper, and of course combined with the craving meat flavor steak seasoning.

Taco Seasoning Chicken Recipe for 2lb:
1. 1Tbs of All-purpose Steak Seasoning
2. 1Tbs of Lemon-Pepper Seasoning
3. Add Salt as desired
4. Enjoy!

Bonus*... easy glaze for grilling chicken recipe: just add a basic mustard base to glaze your chicken with taco seasoning. I welcome and entreat you to indulge in the award-winning cowboy bbq secrets for a great taco seasoning low-sodium solution!

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