Best Seasoning for Sweet Potato Fries? DIY

 Best Seasoning for Sweet Potato Fries

How to season Sweet Potatoes???

Sweet Potato Fries can bit a total hit or miss if you don't give it the right seasoning. Sweet potato fries spices should enhance flavors of sweetness that compliment the rest of the meal. Spices can be tricky as you don't want to just use just anything.... garlic, lemon, cumin, and more just don't get along and the flavors clash! So, here's the tips for success when using seasoning with sweet potato fries. Recommend cutting thinly sliced wedges to help the desired crunchy flavor and maximize surface area for seasoning and dipping. Thin coat of oil is a must! coat of oil prevents the sweet potato fries from becoming crispy critters and allows for the seasoning dry rub to stick to the surface. Next is a series of generous shakes to spread the love of the best sweet potato fries spices to make your mouth water with excitement. Finally, oven broiling allows the sweet potato fries to have a wonderful crunchy texture and bakes the seasoning into every delicious bite. User must flip once sweet potato fries appear to become crispy, about the 10 min mark, and let the other side broil to allow an all-round crispy texture. Enjoy!!!

Steps for How to Season Sweet Potatoes

1. Cut them into the wedge or thin sliced shapes

2. Spread a very thin coat of oil on the sweet potato fires

3. shake generously rib&brisket seasoning (aka the best sweet potato fries spices)

4. Broil on top rack in oven for approximately 10 min

5. Flip then continue broil for another 10 min

6. Let cool and enjoy!

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