↠↠Jalapeño Sizzling Seasoning Salt Mix↠↠ WOW to the freshness and WOW to the flavor! Jalapeno sizzling salt brings the kickin' flavor you crave. Only made with the highest quality spices for authentic freshness.

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↠↠Jalapeño Sizzling Seasoning Salt Mix↠↠

The spicy jalapeno heat flavor you want! The jalapeño powder with salt seasoning gives you the Tex-Mex & Mexican Seasoning you need. Enabling you to have the best jalapeno popper dip, jalapeno bbq, and much more!

If you like to jazz up flavor a notch, our best Jalapeño seasoning is out of sight. Fresh taste, no msg, and low sodium, quite a combination! You can add it to anything you are cooking that would usually use salt and it will give you that wonderful flavor that only Jalapeno can offer.

Add it to pinto beans, green beans, any vegetables, steak, brisket fajitas or roast. It will add the jalapeno flavor and a little spicy heat to whatever you are cooking. This seasoning will give you pizzazz when mixed or used alone to spice up your meal.


Jalapeno Seasoning Mix (13 oz) or Regular Size (4.8 oz).

B2B: Easy to get it in bulk seasoning wholesale! Just email or call for one of our sales representatives to contact you for your bulk seasoning deal!


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