4 Best Texas BBQ Recipes For Masterful Grilling

Need to master your BBQ? Get acquainted with Texas' master BBQ recipes so you can BBQ with ease!

You need to get acquainted with every primary meat to master BBQ, and that means studying key Texas recipes. There's nothing quite like using smoke and live fire to heat up food in front of friends and family. With experience and the right equipment, the art of BBQ is a breeze to learn. In addition, no meat is complete without sufficient seasoning and the best grilling tools. The harmonious blend of spices and herbs found in the award-winning Jerry Baird seasoning supplier works for all occasions and enhances your meat to taste impeccable.

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Barbeque, commonly abbreviated as BBQ, is a reference to the act of slowly cooking meat using hot smoke and indirect concentrations of heat. Each of the various states has different preferences for meat, mostly due to historical and cultural reasons.

What is Texas Style BBQ?

For example, BBQ in Texas primarily focuses on beef as the state has ties to raising cattle. However, sausage and pork ribs are other highly common dishes. European techniques and traditions were brought to Texas by Czech and German settlers during the middle of the 19th century with bulk seasoning

Instead of discarding leftover meats that did not sell, butchers would smoke them to be able to store them for extended periods of time without spoiling. This became a growing trend that gained significant favor with migrants living in the area. Eventually, the majority of markets began to sell smoked meats with bulk seasoning.

In Texas, the best cowboy-style BBQ uses Jerry Baird's bulk seasoning to bring out flavor with Chuckwagon BBQ. and dry-aged meat.

4 Renowned Texas BBQ Recipes

1. How to BBQ a Brisket


Brisket, usually made with beef, is any cut of meat from the lower wall of a cow's chest. This includes deep pectorals and superficial muscles.

Begin by rinsing your brisket under cold water. Combine Jerry Baird's Rib and Brisket Seasoning and any additional fresh ingredients you'd like to add for flavor in a bowl. Toss things around with your fingers for mixing. Rub the mixture of the seasoning on every side of the brisket.

Preheat a smoker or grill with smoker attachment to low settings. When ready, take the fattest part of the brisket and place it side up on the grill, in the center of the grate. Close the lid.

Wait up to 6 hours for the brisket to smoke-cook under it is tender enough to be cut with your fingers. Baste it with the juices and fat accumulating inside. Remove the brisket from the smoker, allowing it to sit for 15 minutes. Transfer it to your cutting board and slice it thinly along the grain using a sharp cleaver or knife. Place it on a platter and serve.

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2. How to BBQ Grill Chicken


When done right, the act of barbequing chicken should take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. Keep in mind that when learning how to BBQ grill chicken, you need to go slowly, while grilling is a faster process.

Chicken breast is far easier to grill, while the wings, legs, and thighs of chickens are better with BBQ. The trick for how to BBQ grill chicken is to moderate your heat levels. You either set the coals on a single side to have a cooler spot or place them on the upper grill rack to be farther from the heat.

Start by coating the pieces of chicken with Jerry Baird's All-Purpose Seasoning and olive oil on all sides. Prepare a single side of your grill for direct heat. Sear the chicken skin for 5 to 10 minutes, then turn the pieces over and migrate them to the cooler side. Reduce the temperature to low or medium, cover the lid, and allow up to 20 to 30 minutes for cooking.

Open the lid, baste the pieces with your favorite Chuckwagon BBQ sauce, then cover the lid again and wait another 15 minutes. The chicken is ready when the internal temperature reaches between 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. How to Cook 5lb Prime Rib


The first and most important thing to do before you learn how to cook 5lb prime rib is to take off the silver skin that's seated on the back of the bones. This makes the meat far easier to chew.

Run your knife between the meat and bones until you reach close to the bottom. Add Jerry Baird's Rib Rub Seasoning Blend by rubbing your coated knife through the trimmed areas. Remove the bones and twin, then start slicing the meat.

After applying the seasoning and any oils or salts, place your rib onto the grill. Keep the settings at low heat, and close the lid. Wait at least two hours for the meat to reach 135 degrees Fahrenheit to roast, then allow it 30 minutes to rest while you finish preparing the rest of the meal. This is the best strategy for how to cook 5lb prime rib.

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4. How to BBQ a Steak


When learning how to BBQ a steak, the meat needs time to thaw and dry, at least 18 hours. During this time, marinate them with Jerry Baird's All-Purpose Seasoning, the #1 Seasoning Supplier. Once they're ready, start prepping the grill. Leave half a side for heat, the other for cooling. Cover the lid and preheat for up to 15 minutes.

Open the lid and put your steaks on the hot side. Close the lid, wait a few minutes to rotate, and create grill marks. Next, flip them to the other side. Wait until your steak reaches an appropriate level of doneness using a thermometer before serving, then teach your friends how to BBQ a steak.

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Recommended Best BBQ Tool Sets

1. Best BBQ Grill Tongs


These incredible stainless steel tongs work for every type of cooking occasion, be it BBQ tool sets, grilling, or serving in buffets. The 17-inch length makes them extra long to protect hands from the high heat.

A lock ring on the top allows for easy storage and closing. You'll find that the tongs are extremely resistant to heat thanks to the grips, which are non-slip. They are dishwasher safe and simple to clean.

2. Best BBQ Grill Spatula


For the sturdiest spatula to serve your BBQ tool sets. It's composed of stainless steel that will not bend or rust over years of consistent use. It can handle the toughest of cooking tasks and easily drains away excess oils and fats.

The handle protects from heat and prevents rotating even with greasy or wet hands. The slotted turner head will slide right under anything it comes into contact with.

3. Best BBQ Grill Brush


This amazing brush is one of several barbeque tool sets created for long-term use. It is composed of high-caliber stainless steel to withstand constant contact when scrubbing. There are 3 rows of aluminum coils that shred and clean food with ease. The handle can angle itself to reach over the grill and into the grates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds of meat per person? How much BBQ meat per person?

A proper way to measure how much BBQ meat per person is to plan for 1/3 lb of meat as the main meal for every plate. To answer how much BBQ meat per person, portion can vary if certain guests are big eaters or there are a limited number of sides. So we recommend planning to cook 1/2lb of meat per person as it is better to have too much than too little.

Is BBQ Healthy?

Yes, In general, grilling is a very healthy method for preparing food. By cooking meat over high heat with the right barbeque tool sets, the fat is more easily released. This substantially reduces the calorie intake in comparison to frying. When food is grilled, the fat literally melts away.

While you do have the option to use cooking oil, a grill does not require you to do so. This also makes your meal leaner when understanding is BBQ healthy.

Of course, another answer to is BBQ healthy depends on the meat you are planning to grill and the purpose of your diet.

For example, you don't need to limit yourself to hot dogs and burgers. Consider other types of lean meat such as fish, skinless chicken, and ground turkey for grilling. You're also not limited to simply meat with barbeque tool sets. Try quinoa, brown rice, stuffed bell peppers, or even Portobello mushrooms.

Grilling vs. BBQ

Despite the fact that grilling and barbeque share similar origins, they are considered different techniques for cooking. When defining grilling vs. BBQ, grilling usually involves small foods that are cooked quickly and hot without smoke, with no lid, and with high heat.

Conversely, barbeque usually involves larger cuts of meat that are cooked slowly using smoke, with the lid on, in a style that is more comparable to roasting.

Consider the differences between grilling vs. BBQ when you plan your next family outlet.

What are the different temperatures of doneness for BBQ?

Cooking times vary with the size and shape of the meat, as well as the method in which you prepare the food. Always use a thermometer to check the level of doneness, then pick your desired level using the list below:

  • Rare (125 degrees F)
  • Medium Rare (135 degrees F)
  • Medium (145 degrees F)
  • Medium Well (150 degrees F)
  • Well Done (160 degrees F)

What's the best Texas-style Burger Recipe?

We've got an exclusive blog just on how to grill a burger. It takes you step for step and gives you some pretty cool knowledge along the way. You'll be ready to master your grill burgers after you get our tips and tricks! Check it out: How to grill a Texas-style burger - The Ultimate guide

Where to get bulk seasonings?

There are various online storefronts that sell bulk spices and seasonings, but none are better than Jerry Baird's. In one order, food services and business have the opportunity to receive 25 pounds in a single bag for easy usage and distribution. Numerous high quality spices are blended together with a unique formula.


Mastering the art of BBQ is not the same as grilling. You need to have your lid closed, use a quality seasoning supplier like Jerry Baird's, and include sauces, all while regulating temperature when cooking. The 4 renowned BBQ recipes mentioned in this article will improve your skills and make you a better chef.

With the right tools, preparation, and application of world-class Jerry Baird's seasoning, you'll be ready to impress your friends, family, and colleagues with your amazing skills. Even if you think you've got BBQ down, learning new recipes will make you more well-versed. 

What do you think is the best Texan recipe and why? comment below!

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